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C&I Innovation

The China & Italy Innovation Center

The China & Italy Innovation Center – Guangming, Shenzhen, China – jointly operated by OmniaServices, Gaoke Technology and Zhuoyi Incubator Service

About Us

We connect European startups and SMEs with Chinese investors and vice versa while providing a tailor-made business matching service.

We provide effective and efficient services to help investors in foreign markets.


Innostart was born as an idea aimed to help European startups and SMEs to break down barriers into foreign markets with a focus in— China.

Beside language and cultural differences between China and Europe, the startups who want to enter the Chinese market need more support and assistance than any other types of companies.

As an international business accelerator our dedicated team has experience in guiding clients with language and cultural differences; strategically composed of Chinese and European talents with years of experience doing business in China. Our expertise of the Chinese market can be an advantage for early-stage incubates entering Asia’s most attractive consumer market.


Innostart is our proven brand used by many clients for a series of incubation / acceleration programs.

Our Services

Our mission is to provide high quality services in a simple cost effective manner and to be the most important partner for our clients in all their service needs.


The Commercialization Path with CIIC

Identify viable Innovation & Technology projects with commercialization potential in China and Asia

Expect panel to review the case, and convert the I&T project into Business Plan which fit the market needs

Identify viable Innovation & Technology projects with commercialization potential in China and Asia

Help build a professional team in Asia/China, resources management

Landing of the I&T projects through sector connections, B2B, B2C, or omnichannel

I&T Expertise Areas

Advanced Manufacturing

Healthcare and Diagnostic Tools

Environment and New Fuels

Industry 4.0

Aerospace Engineering

Fashion Technology

Mobility & Transportation

Food Safety and Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things

CIIC Actions & Activities

Establish Best I&T Cases

Guangming International Innovation Award

International Roadshows

Innovation Forums

The CIIC Service System


Helping SMEs and Startups to accelerate results<br />


Technology transfer of I&T into commercial items</p> <p>

Supply chain service

Integrate resources to assist in business development<br />

Brand Promotion

Assist in brand positioning, segmentation and promotional strategy<br />

Capital Financing

Working closely with banks and financial institutions on financing<br />

Government Resources

Link government subsidy resources and funding to SMEs and startups<br />

Human Resources

Assist SMEs and startups in recruitment and training<br />

Display & Trading

Fostering exchange by display of I&T results<br />