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Innostart AI Accelerator

About This Project

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has begun grabbing the attention of businesses ranging from healthcare to financial services allowing algorithms to comb through large amounts of data to recognize patterns and solve problems. The technology is set to spread to driverless cars and service robots in the future.

The Chinese State Council has fine guidelines on developing AI, in hopes of setting a goal of becoming a global innovation leader by 2030. The total output value of artificial intelligence industries should surpass 1 trillion yuan ($147.80 billion).

China has many advantages when it comes to AI.  China has a wealth of talented engineers and scientists.  In addition, to a country that is so rich in the data, which is necessary to train AI systems. The results can be seen in the growth of facial-recognition systems based on machine learning: they now identify workers at offices and customers in stores, and they authenticate users of mobile apps.

We are looking for technology startups with a proven business model in local markets who would like to develop and expand into the Chinese market.



We will offer each selected startup a cash investment of € 20.000 plus a full soft-landing service pack, office space and use of other facilities.  We will provide expert workshops and intensive mentor support. In exchange for 2-8% equity.


2. Free Use of Office Space

You will be provided a full-time office space with state-of-the-art facilities located at our innovation center in Shenzhen (the total incubation area is of around 65,000 m²).


3. Investor Network

We have a network of over 100 Exclusive Chinese Investors including China Merchants Bank, Green Pine Capital Partners, Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Huitong Jinkong Funds Investment Co.,Ltd  and many others.


4. Mentorship

Each start-up benefits from mentorship support for the entire duration of the program. You will meet our world-class mentors from the leading Chinese AI companies, such as: Alibaba Cloud, Baidu, iFlytek, Malong Technologies, Megvii and SenseTime to name a few.


5. Strong Validation Opportunities (Chinese Market Fit)

We will help you understand how to design validation experiments appropriate for the Chinese market. In addition, our industry partners will help you create and launch your MVP or products in a reasonable time.


6. Long-term Post Program Support

After the program, you will continue to benefit from our tailor made services for support. Including development tools, professional training, technical training, laboratory resources, fundraising advice etc.