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Innostart Healthcare Accelerator

About This Project

In the midst of an aging population with flourishing personal finances and a rapidly developing private medical industry, China’s healthcare sector will become a $1 trillion-a-year business by 2020, according to consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

The pressure of rising prices within the foreign distribution channel’s have hurt China’s ability to deliver affordable healthcare to its citizens.  Chinese citizens typically have to pay three times more than its Western neighbors to acquire medical technologies and drugs.  The time is now for the Chinese government to develop medical technologies in China, by China, for China.  Which also leads to massive investment opportunities.

China currently has numerous cash-rich VC firms, but not enough domestic options for biotech investment. With Chinese companies now looking to acquire technologies for use in the Chinese market right across the industrial spectrum, this is driving ever higher levels of cross-border investments.

We will help you better understand product design, market trends and effective business models that enable you to better work with patients, professionals and stakeholders.

According to the Chinese VC Intelligence Company China Money Network, healthcare-focused venture capital and private equity investment fund volume and total fund value increased an average of 33.7% year-to-date and 89% year-over-year between 2010 and 2016. Life science investment specialist ChinaBio Group claims China life science venture and private equity funding has raised $45 billion and invested $12 billion over the past 30 months. ChinaBio Group has closed $20 billion in new funding during 2016 and is estimated to hit $30 billion in 2018.

So, if you are a life science technology company passionate about making an impact on healthcare, please, join our Accelerator program where we will help you build, validate and scale your business in the Chinese market.

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