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OmniaServices can perform specific studies and feasibility analysis about electronic equipment and systems helping to find the right architectures both in term of performances and cost.

To do this we use extensively: Matlab and its derivates, Simulink, Hardware in the loop, Analog or digital simulation, High level system design and analysis.


Development the project development is based on:

  • High integration components, like uController, uProcessor and FPGA with 32 or             64 bit wide path
  • High number of layers to host complex circuits
  • RF parts up to X-band
  • Wiring reduction by using extensive PCB rigid-flexible or rigid-flexible-rigid
  • Mechanical parts, aluminium based

OmniaServices technology is based on state of art components and architectural design, the main branches are:

  • Analog
    • OPAMP, from 0 to 2GHz
    • Signal conditioning (LNA, LOGAMP…)
    • DAC/ADC, up to 600MHz (8, 12, 16 bit)
  • RF
    • Primary Radar S-X-Ka band
    • power amplifier up to 400W@3GHz (S-band)
  • Digital
    • uController 8, 16, 32 bit from Microhip to ARM
    • uProcessor
    • SITARA family,
    • iMX by NXP
    • – DSP
    • ADSP21xx
    • Tiger Sharc
    • C55
    • – FPGA
    • Cyclone Stratix by Altera
    • Spartan, Virtex and Zynq by Xilinx

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