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OmniaServices is an electronic design company basically. The production facilities are not inside the company (the prototype reworking machine are inside only) , the production phase is outsourced to third party.
The OmniaServices partner are ISO9001 and EN/AS 9100 certified and works according to quality plane approved by OmniaServices itself.

Standard FR4 PCB

–           0.2mm hole, with anular ring of 0.4mm

–           0.1mm tracks, with clearance of 0.1mm

–           up to 16 layers

–           short time manufacturing process


–           Multilayer boards with many layers

–           Industrial electronics

–           Automobile electronics

–           Fineline trace structures

–           High temperature electronics

PC Assembly

– PCB Automatic assy (mount and solder)

– any type of BGA

– manual assy for mixed (smd and throw-hole) special components technology


– Any kind of connectors (crip or solder)

– Any kind of conductors (single wire, twisted, coax)

– All conductors, cables and connectors will be clearly identified

Fiber Optic

– use of 9/50/62.5/100um

– single cable, multifiber cable

– any connectors and splice

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